Every woman can benefit from having a thong . . .


Every woman can benefit from having a thong (or three) in her collection.

And gone are the days when thongs were synonymous with discomfort, too — in stretchy, seamless fabrics, they can feel like a second skin.


Not to mention, since they have the least amount of coverage on your backside, they’re the best choice when you’re sporting a skin-tight bodycon dress or are otherwise concerned about having a VPL.

Similar to the bikini, the thong has a medium rise, typically two to three inches below the waist. The leg holes are cut relatively high, and the sides usually hit right around the hip bone.

Looking for even less coverage around the sides? Then opt for a G-string, which is cut just like a thong in the back, but with super skinny sides and merely a triangle-shaped piece of fabric in the front.


Obviously, every panty style has its own set of advantages. Now that you know the perks of each, picking out which pair you want to wear just got easier.

In addition to considering comfort, you’ll also want to consider the level of coverage and type of rise you’ll need for the particular outfit you’re wearing.

Fortunately, there’s a panty style for every mood, body type, and occasion.